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CEEP Team assists Rights Livelihoods winner in Narmada Valley

In January 2013, Dr. John Byrne, six CEEP graduate students and three graduate students from Korea University’s Green School conducted a study tour in the Narmada Valley (India) with the aim of learning about the development process and its impact on livelihoods, natural resources, energy, and ecological sustainability. The study tour was led by Right Livelihood Award (1991) winner Ms. Medha Patkar through communities and lands affected by the large dams on the River Narmada. The team held community meetings with tribals, farmers, women, youth, and market committee members in the Valley, covering the three concerned states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. CEEP’s report from the study tour recommends a paradigm shift to decentralized, small-scale and equitable water provision. This recent effort is part of a continuing program of research and policy analysis aimed at the conflict between modern development and rural livelihoods.

Read more on rural livelihoods work at CEEP:

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