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Faculty & Fellows


John Byrne c/o Jeongseok Seo (PhD candidate)
Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (CEEP) and Distinguished Professor of Energy & Climate Policy; Ph.D., University of Delaware, 1980. Climate change; political economy; technology, environment and society; sustainable development; energy & environmental justice. Dr. Byrne has contributed to the reports of the IPCC since 1992, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007
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Young-Doo Wang
Professor Emeritus  and Senior Policy Fellow; Ph.D., University of Delaware, 1980. Energy and environmental policy; economic analysis of alternative energy options; econometric applications.
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Saleem Ali
Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and the Environment. Professor, Department of Geography and CEEP Senior Policy Fellow. Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2000. Environmental conflict resolution. (Curriculum Vitae)


Biliana Cicin-Sain
Director of the Gerard J. Mangone Center for Marine Policy, Professor in the School of Marine Science and Marine Policy, and CEEP Senior Policy Fellow, University of Delaware. She is President of the Global Ocean Forum. Integrated coastal and ocean governance, environmental policy.  A world leader in the field, forging international collaboration to advance the global oceans agenda. (Bio Sketch)


Michael J. Chajes
Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; CEEP Senior Policy Fellow. Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 1990; bridge testing, evaluation, and rehabilitation, sustainable energy and energy harvesting, and sustainable development. (Bio Sketch)(Curriculum Vitae)


Steven Hegedus
Scientist, Institute of Energy Conversion; CEEP Senior Policy Fellow. Ph.D., University of Delaware, 1990. Photovoltaic solar energy technology and applications, solar cell design and characterization; impact of federal and local energy policy on solar markets.


William Latham
Director, Center for Applied Business & Economic Research; Associate Professor of Economics; Associate Professor of Urban Affairs and Public Policy; CEEP Senior Policy Fellow. Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1973. Economics of energy and environmental modeling, forecasting and impacts.
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Sue McNeil
Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering; Senior Policy Fellow. Ph.D.,Carnegie Mellon University, 1983. Transportation asset management, life-cycle costing, application of advanced technologies, economic analysis, condition assessment and deterioration modeling, decision support.
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William F. Ritter
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering (Retired, December 2014) and CEEP Senior Policy Fellow; Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1971. Groundwater pollution; waste management; water quality modeling; surface water contamination; irrigation management.
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Ismat Shah
Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Physics and Astronomy; CEEP Senior Policy Fellow. Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1987. Materials design, synthesis and characterization for energy and environment applications.
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Adjunct Faculty

Cesar Cuello
Professor, Santo Domingo Technological Institute and Universidad de Ciencias Sociales (Dominican Republic), and CEEP Policy Fellow; Ph.D., Delaware, 1997. Sustainable development; philosophy of science, technology, and society; environmental philosophy.


Job Taminiau
Postdoctoral Fellow; CEEP Policy Fellow. Ph.D., University of Delaware, 2015. Climate change policy, energy efficiency, carbon markets, energy finance

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Jong-dall Kim
Associate Professor and Director, Research Institute for Energy, Environment, and Economy, Kyungpuk National University (Korea), and CEEP Policy Fellow; Ph.D.,University of Delaware, 1991. Energy and environmental policy analysis; sustainable development; integrated resource planning.


Jung-Ku Kim
Professor, Semyung University in Korea, and CEEP Policy Fellow; Ph.D., University of Delaware, 2005. Research fellow and the former director of Energy Conservation in Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI). Former director of the Korea Policy Development Institute (KPDI) and research advisor to the Prime Minister of South Korea. Energy economics; energy & environmental policy analysis; cost-benefit methods.

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