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Energy & Environmental Policy Students
PhD ENEP Students

Climate Change and Sustainability

Name Doctoral Research Topic
Sustainable Energy, Energy Optimization and Economics
Urban Sustainable Energy Policy
International Environmental Policy
Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Environmental Justice
Sustainable Development
Economic Incentive Strategies for Sustainable Energy Development in the Small Business Sector
Water Sustainability and Water Policy
Renewable Energy Transitions
Off-Grid Sustainable Energy Options
Renewable Energy/Sustainable Development
Environmental Justice Implications of the U.S. EPA’s Brownfields Program
Sustainable Energy Options
Green Economy
Environmental Policy and Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Development and Natural Resources Management
Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Utility
Subsistence, Knowledge and Diversity: Revisiting the Political Economy of Techniques, Environment and Development
Sustainable Energy Strategy and the Politics of Rapid Growth
Sustainable Development
Energy and Environmental Sustainability in the Context of Globalization
Energy Policy
Energy Sustainability
Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment
Energy Policy and Equity
Environmental Justice
Climate Change Policy and its Implications for Southern Countries: Issues of Equity and Sustainability
Energy Sustainability in Developing Countries
Nuclear Policy and Environmental Justice
Urban and Costal Area Sustainability
Sustainable Transportation
Fuel Tax Policy & Energy Alternatives
Renewable Energy
Energy Sustainability; Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Economy
Sustainable Energy/Bioenergy
Political Economy and Energy Policy
Sustainability; policy and Technology Nexus
Renewable Energy Strategies for the Urban Built Environment
Renewable Energy
International Environmental Policy
Land Management Policy
International Cooperation Mechanisms for Renewable Energy
Energy Efficiency Strategies
DG Technologies and Virtual Power Plants
Political Ecology and Renewable Energy
Post-Disaster SD Policies
Defining a Renewable Energy Policy Direction in an Era of Climate Change and Energy Security: The Case of South Korea
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
CO2 Emissions Policy Options
Smart Grid and Decentralized Renewable Energy Development
International Climate Change Policy
Global Environmental Justice
Renewable Energy Development to Address the Threat of Climate Change
Green Energy Policy
Indigenous/Traditional Knowledge Systems and Sustainable Development
Hydrogen Energy and Energy Storage Technology
Global Environmental Challenges
Water-Energy Policy Integration
Eco-city Planning
An Assessment of Renewable Energy Applications for Rural and Urban China: The Potential of Off-grid Renewable Energy Hybrid Systems and Building Integrated PV
Environmental Economics, Policy and Management

MEEP Students

Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Name Research Interest
Sustainable Energy Strategies
Solar Energy Policy
Energy Sustainability
Political Ecology
Energy Policy
Sustainable Development and Micro-Generation
Clean Air Act Reforms and their Impact on Utility Power Plant Design and Investment
Sustainable Energy Use and Practices
Socially Equitable Energy and Environmental Policy
Renewable Energy Policy and Deployment
The Merits of a Public Benefit Fund to Improve Energy Efficiency: A Case Study of Maryland
Green Growth Policy
Environmental Sustainability
Setting an Urban Tree Canopy Goal: Translating Environmental Services into Regional Planning
International Energy Policy – Gas Pipeline
Renewable Energy: Solar Cells
Economics and Environment
Community-Scale Energy Options for Africa
Energy and Sustainability
Renewable Energy Technologies
Water Sustainability
Sustainable Natural Resources Management
Disasters and Public Policy
Sustainable Energy Financing Mechanisms and State-based Green Banks
‘Beyond Pesticides:’ The Expanding Agenda of Environmental Justice
Wildlife Conservation and Energy Policy
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Energy and Sustainable Cities
International Clean Energy Policy
Energy Paradigm Change

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