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PhD Student Researchers

Name Doctoral Research Topic
International Environmental Policy
Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Water Sustainability and Water Policy
Renewable Energy Transitions
Environmental Policy and Sustainable Energy
Decentralized Energy System & Microgrid
Nuclear Policy and Environmental Justice
Analysis of Best Practice Policies of Biodiversity Conservation
Sustainable Transportation
Political Economy and Energy Policy
Sustainability; Policy and Technology Nexus
Sustainable Urban Transportation Strategies
International Cooperation Mechanisms for Renewable Energy
DG Technologies and Virtual Power Plants
Political Ecology and Renewable Energy
Climate Change and Sustainability
Sustainable Development
Applying the Sustainable Energy Utility Model to Develop Solar Cities
Green Energy Policy
Global Environmental Challenges
The Role of Civil Society, the Business Sector and the State in Environmental Policy
Eco-city Planning
Environmental Economics, Policy and Management

Masters Student Researchers

Name Research Interest
Clean Air Act Reforms and Their Impact on Utility Power Plant Design and Investment
Urban Sustainable Development
Monitoring & Varification Methodologies to Confirm Energy Savings
Distributed Energy Generation Planning and Analysis
Sustainable Electricity Policy Analysis


Correspondence Information:
Center for Energy Environmental Policy
University of Delaware - 278 Graham Hall - Newark, Delaware 19716
phone: (302)831-8405 facsimile: (302)831-3098