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CEEP Publications 2013| 2014


“Solar Thermal Policy in the U.S.: A Review of Best Practices in Leading States” 2013. L. Kurdgelashvili, J. Byrne, C. Brehm, M. Griffin, G. Schweitzer, A. Nitica, A. Ramadan, K. Saul. A report of the Renewable Energy Applications for Delaware Yearly (READY) project. Newark, DE: Center for Energy and Environmental Policy.
“International Energy Policy in the Aftermath of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster an Analysis of Energy Policies of the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Japan, China and Korea” 2013. Y-D. Wang, J. Byrne, L. Kurdgelashvili, C. Brehm, K. M. Saul, G. Kramer, I. Argyriou, S. Gopal, H. Kim, L. Lamptey, M. Utturkar, H-Y. Bae, S. Cho, Y-H. Ha, J. Kim, J. Taminiau and Y. Wei. Newark, DE: Center for Energy and Environmental Policy
“Livelihoods and the Ecosystems at Risk: Observations and Findings of the 2013 Study Team” 2013. J. Byrne, A. Ruotolo, B. Booker, K. Saul, S. M. Gopal, K. Schumacher, L. Mach, Y-C Tsai, E-J. Lee, H-L. Kim, and J-Y. Kim. Study Visit organized by the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware
“Review of Wind Power Tariff Policies in China” 2013. Z.Hua,J. Wang, J. Byrne and L. Kurdgelashvili. Energy Policy, Vol. 53, (February): 41-50.

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