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White House recognizes SEU Model developed at CEEP

CEEP developed the Sustainable Energy Utility model to address our energy and environmental crises in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner.  10 years of research led to the Delaware SEU and was co-chaired by CEEP’s director for its first 5 years. The DE SEU’s pioneering green energy savings bond program created over 1,000 jobs and saved more than $148 million in energy and water from its first bond issue.  State agencies have realized a premium of $26 million as a result of savings created by this investment. If a national program built on the principles of this bond program were implemented, it is estimate that the U.S. would  unlock a $25 billion clean energy investment market in the public and non-profit sector alone, leading to the creation of 300,000 construction, project management, engineering and finance jobs. Avoided carbon dioxide emissions from a nationally equivalent investment are estimated to be more than 225 million metric tons per year, or a reduction in annual sector emissions of more than 5%. With the assistance of CEEP researchers, the District of Columbia established an SEU and is achieving similar results. In December 2011, the White House, in its Better Building Challenge, recognized the SEU model as a viable platform to spur sustainable energy investment while driving local economic development. Researchers are exploring its use around the world.

Read more on the SEU:

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